The nursing department takes blood samples to screen kids ages 6 months – 6 years old for lead poisoning. The only way to know if a person has lead poisoning is to get a blood test. All children in our community should be tested annually, if not more. Contact the lead program with specific questions.

For children who have a particularly high lead level (10mcg/dL), we provide case management services to connect the families to the knowledge and resources it takes to maintain the child’s health. The most important things parents can do to keep their children safe around lead are to

1. remove the lead source from the environment
2. clean the housing environment with wet soapy water (not a broom!)
3. clean children’s hands before eating and after playing outside
4. feed them a healthy diet rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin c
5. and to play with your kids which encourages brain development


Contact us today with any questions or feedback you might have:

618-874-4713, extension 200; ask for the lead program staff!