Environmental Services

The environmental department has three licensed lead risk assessors who are responsible for inspecting the dwellings of children with an elevated blood lead level. Once the inspection is complete, a mitigation notice is sent to the dwelling owner explaining what needs to get fixed, and the options he/she has to fix the structure.

If you are concerned about your home, you may contact us at the below number with questions. Also, the Saint Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department has a Lead Hazard Reduction Program. If you meet their qualifications, you may be eligible for your home to be inspected and mitigated.

If you do home construction/repair or just work on your own home, please follow the guidelines outlined in this EPA document to make sure your family and neighborhood stay safe from lead. You may need to do more research to ensure you are keeping people safe.

The EPA issued the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule in April 2008. As a contractor, you have responsibilities. See their website for more information and current updates.

Contact us today with any questions or feedback you might have:

618-874-4713, extension 200; ask for the lead program staff!