coordinated school health

The Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) and CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child’s Health) seeks to affect children’s attitude and behaviors towards nutrition and physical activity. CHSP has eight components of School Health as identified by the Center for Disease and Prevention.  The eight components:  Health Education, Physical Activity, Nutrition Services, Health Service, Health Promotion for Staff, Counseling Psychological, and Social Services, Healthy School Environment/Policies and Family and Community Involvement.  The CATCH program is funded thru a grant from General Mills. Schools who participate in the CATCH program will have an opportunity to

  • Develop a Physical Education program    
  • Receive new Physical Education equipment
  • Strengthen parent involvement through Family Fun Days and Health Fairs
  • Improve children Nutritional Needs by adding fruit and vegetable bars, as well as, healthier food choices to school menus.  Also, CATCH encourages our teachers to lead healthier lifestyle by providing workshops and training.   East Side Health District offers CATCH training  to our schools and have certified CATCH trainers to facilitate the training.