As part of the Disease Surveillance Program, the Environmental Health Division staff collect and test mosquitoes for West Nile virus and St. Louis Encephalitis.  East Side Health District environmental specialists use traps that are specially designed to catch mosqutioes that cause West Nile virus.  The mosquitoes are tested to determine if they are positive with West Nile virus or St. Louis Encephalitis. This information is sent to the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Any positive results are sent to local media for public dissemination.  In additon to mosqutio trapping and testing the environmental specialists collect dead birds to be shipped for examination to State Laboratories.  The Environmental Health Division also investigates mosquito nuisance complaints and tire dump sites by working with property owners and the court system to remove mosquito harborages.

Mosquito trapping and testing begins in May and runs through September

Dead Bird Reporting

Please call 618.271.8722 x 118 to report a dead bird May through September.  Dead birds must be free of decay, insects etc. to allow for proper testing.

West Nile Virus

Click here for West Nile Virus information and prevention tips.  East Side Health District staff provide information to the public concerning West Nile virus prevention methods and mosquito education materials.  For free materials call 618.271.8722 x118