food protection program

East Side Health District's Food Protection Program strives to promote healthy people and healthy communities through education and regulation of food service establishments.

Within East Side Health District's jurisdiction (Canteen, Centreville, East St. Louis, Stites Townships) there are nearly 400 "permitted" food establishments that include restaurants, grocery stores, schools, hospitals,  mobile food operations, and convenience stores.  Each of these "permitted" food establishments are required to have a Food Sanitiation Certified person on staff.  Food Safety inspectors from East Side Health District inspect establishments several times each year and, if requested, offer educational training for food service workers. 


Food Safety Information

Chances are, you've had a food borne illness. The symptoms are like the stomach flu, and you probably didn't go to the doctor. What made you sick was a bacteria, virus or toxin in the food.

It is estimated that up to 76 million people get a food borne illness each year. Because people don't go to the doctor for mild symptoms, the actual number of illnesses can't be known. But 5,000 people a year die from food borne illness in the United States, and many others suffer long term effects. Food borne illness is most dangerous for the very young, the very old, and those whose immune systems are weak.

Click here to view food safety information on the Illinois Department of Public Health's website

Restaurant Ratings

East Side Health District inspectors are trained to look for and identify possible violations that may contribute to a foodborne illness.  These violations range from critical violations such as temperature abuse of foods to non-critical violations such as dirty floors.  The inspection sheet has values for each violation that add up to 100%.  Each violation deducts "points" and a perfect score is equal to 100.

Food establishment operators are given the opportunity to correct the violation during the inspection. The inspection report will show a correction made onsite. A reinspection is scheduled for those critical violations that cannot be corrected during the inspection.

In addition to a "score" East Side Health District issues letter grades to food establishments.  The grades correspond to the score:


100-96 = A
95-90 = B
89-80 = C
Click here to view recent Restaurant Ratings

Food Sanitation Classes

Illinois law requires food establishments to have at least on person certified as a Food Service Sanitation Manager. Click here to view a schedule of Food Service Sanitation Classes

Recent Recalls

Click here to view US Food & Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture recalls

How to get a Food Permit

Illinois law requires that any person selling or giving away food to the public must obtain a permit to operate a food establishment from their Local Health Department.  If you are providing food to the public within Canteen, Centreville, E. St. Louis, or Stites Townships, East Side Health District is responsible for issuing your food permit.  Certain requirements will need to be met before a permit can be issued, click here for a listing of requirements. 

Before Opening

Before opening or construcing a food establishment you should call East Side Health District to set up an opening consultation or plan review inspection.  Call the Environmental Health Division at 618.271.8722 x118 to schedule an appointment.


East Side Health District will begin requiring an annual permit fee beginning on January 1, 2014 for Food Establishments operating in Canteen, Centreville, East St. Louis, and Stites Townships located in St. Clair County, Illinois. Permit fees shall not apply to governmental, charitable, not-for-profit and educational institutions.   Not-for–profit organizations must provide proof of their status by providing an Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3).  All Food Establishment permits expire on December 31st of each year.  The fee schedule is as follows:




Category I (As defined in Title 77 Illinois Department of Public Health Part 750 “Food Service Sanitation Code” Section 750.10)

Food Service Establishments with seating capacity:

0-25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$150


51-or more------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350

Category II (As defined in Title 77 Illinois Department of Public Health Part 750 “Food Service Sanitation Code” Section 750.10)

Food Service Establishments with seating capacity:

0-25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$100


51-or more------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$300

Category III (As defined in Title 77 Illinois Department of Public Health Part 750 “Food Service Sanitation Code” Section 750.10)

Only pre-packaged foods are available or served in the facility, and any potentially hazardous foods available are commercially pre-packaged in an approved processing plant-------------$100



A temporary food service establishment means an establishment that operates at a fixed location for a period of time of not more than 14 days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

Single use temporary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$50     

Multi use temporary (Up to 4 events) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $150

Comments may be made in writing to: East Side Health District 650 N. 20th Street, East St. Louis, Illinois 62205.  Attention: Edwardstine Reese

Food Establishment Types

Permanent Food Establishment (Permit expires December 31 each year)
Mobile Food Establishment (Permit expires December 31 each year)
Temporary (Permit good for not more than 14 days associated with a single event)


Food Emergencies

Emergency Action Plan for Retail Food Establishments

IDPH FDD TIB F39 Boil Water Orders - Operating Guidelines for Retail Food Service Establishments in the Event of a Boil Water Order or Interrupted Water Service

TIB FDD 2 Surveillance and Salvage Following Disasters


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